2024 Modern Sea Pasture Development Forum


1. Background of the Forum

 In 2023, the central Document No. 1 proposed the construction of modern Marine pastures and the development of deep water cages, aquaculture boats and other far-reaching Marine aquaculture. The Guangdong Province Modern Marine pasture Construction Promotion Meeting held on March 10, 2023 also made it clear that modern Marine pasture construction is an important measure for Guangdong to implement the food security strategy and practice the concept of big food, an important breakthrough to promote high-quality economic development, and a powerful starting point for promoting the "high-quality development project of hundreds of counties, thousands of towns and thousands of villages" to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas. It is the right time to build a modern Marine pasture.

Since the province's modern Marine pasture construction promotion conference was held, Guangdong Province has taken the principles of "remote use of remote, ecological development", "land-sea relay, coast-to-sea linkage" as the principle, highlighting six aspects: planning guidance, industrial integration, leading, project landing, scientific and technological innovation, and element guarantee, and planning and promoting the construction of modern Marine pasture with high standards to create a "Guangdong-sea granaries".

The construction of modern Marine pastures in Guangdong Province has pressed the "acceleration key", relying on the 10th Guangzhou International Fishery Expo, the Guangdong Modern Marine pasture Development Forum will be held, which will effectively gather the wisdom of experts and scholars, better explore the development of modern Marine pastures in Guangdong, fully tap the advantages of Guangdong recreational fisheries, and help the high-quality development of modern Marine pastures in Guangdong Province.

2. Organizational structure

(1) Guiding unit: National Aquatic Technology Extension Station.

(2) Organizers: Key Laboratory of Marine Pasture of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Organizing Committee of Guangzhou International Fishing Fair, Professional Committee of Marine Pasture of Guangdong Leisure Fishery and Fishing Association

(3) Supporting organizations: South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Ocean University, School of Marine Science, Sun Yat-sen University, Marine and Fishery Journal, Guangdong Nanfeng King Technology Co., LTD.

(4) Supporting media: China Fisheries Magazine, China Fishery News, China Fisheries Channel, Seafood Guide, Aquatic Frontier, Prepared Dish Book, Ocean and Fishery magazine, Global digital Fishery exhibition platform, Xinhua, People's Daily, Toutiao Today, Phoenix, NetEase News, Tencent, Sohu, Sina.com, New Express, etc.

3. Basic information of activities

(1) Time: September 25-27, 2023

(2) Venue: Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Area B Exhibition Hall

(3) Forum size: 150-200 people.

(4) Participants: Marine and fishery authorities of local governments, aquatic research institutes, aquaculture enterprises, aquatic product processing enterprises, aquatic fishery business association, catering/supermarket/e-commerce/group buying/institutions, etc.

4.Topics of the Forum

1. Construction and development of modern Marine pasture in Guangdong Province;

2. Shandong experience of comprehensive pilot project of modern Marine pasture construction;

3. Current situation and prospect of modern Marine pasture construction;

4. Digital technology prospect of Marine pasture;

5, far-reaching Marine cage aquaculture industry development status and scientific and technological needs;