Brand aquatic products Exhibition area: all kinds of fishery aquatic products, Marine fresh products, frozen products, dry goods; Deep-processed aquatic products; Aquatic crafts, etc.;

Guangdong Famous and Special Aquatic Products Exhibition Area: Famous and Special aquatic products, fishery regional public brands, live aquatic products, processing equipment, animal protection products, etc.;

Prepared Dishes and Central Kitchen Products Exhibition area: all kinds of processed and produced enterprises with prepared dishes, chain restaurant enterprises, instant food, prepared dishes, central kitchen and other products;

Geographical Indication Aquatic Products Exhibition area: involving agricultural products, aquatic products, meat products and other representative landmark products from China;

Aquaculture Animal protection and Processing Equipment Exhibition area: aquaculture technology and equipment, feed, medicine, oceangoing fishing tools and equipment, ocean transportation and storage equipment, aquatic comprehensive utilization technology and equipment, recreational fishery equipment, preservation technology and equipment, etc.;

Cold chain exhibition area: cold storage, freezing equipment, fresh preservation and heat preservation equipment, cold chain fresh packaging, cold storage and supporting equipment technology, refrigeration and distribution services, fresh e-commerce.