2024 Innovation and Development Forum for engineered recirculating aquaculture


2024 Innovation and Development Forum for engineered recirculating aquaculture

I. Background of the event

China's fishery industry has taken the "ecological priority" and "cultivation as the main" development policy, and built a modern fishery development strategic pattern of good ecology, production development, advanced equipment, high quality products, fishermen's income increase, peace and harmony. At present, most enterprises are still purely oriented to the pursuit of aquaculture output, there is a weak awareness of clean production in aquaculture, low feeding efficiency ratio, lack of modern fishery mechanization facilities and equipment, traditional farming operations are widespread, and the ability to resist risks is weak. The engineered recirculating aquaculture is a fundamental change to the traditional pond aquaculture model, and it is in the booming trend of emerging industries and new technologies. In recent years, the industry's demand for the development of circulating aquaculture has become increasingly strong, many scientific research institutions, enterprises have developed and applied new technologies and new equipment, factory circulating water, land-based push water container circulating water and other models, equipment, systems applied in the breeding and breeding production of many aquatic varieties, bringing a strong boost to the high-quality development of modern fisheries. During the "10th Guangzhou International Fishery Expo 2024", Guangdong Fisheries Society will hold the "2024 Innovation and Development Forum of Engineered Circulating Aquaculture" from September 25 to 27, inviting experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to discuss major scientific issues and new models and paths of industrial development in the innovation and development of circulating aquaculture. Promote "industry-learn-research-push" multi-party cooperation and exchanges, and build a high-end dialogue platform for government, industry, university and research.

2. Organizational structure

(1). Guidance unit: Guangdong Agricultural Technology Extension Center, Guangzhou Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

(2), Organizers: Guangdong Fisheries Society, Guangzhou International Fishing Fair Organizing Committee

(3). Organizer: Guangdong Fisheries Society Facility Fishery Professional Committee, South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

3. Time and place

Time: September 25-27, 2023

Venue: Canton Fair Exhibition Hall, Guangzhou

4. Participants and scale

Leaders of local government departments, institutions of higher learning, scientific research units, members of the society, breeding, equipment enterprises, news media and other representatives, about 100-150 people.

5. News media

China Fisheries Magazine, China Fishery News, China Aquatic Channel, Seafood Guide, Aquatic Frontier, Prepared Food Book, "Ocean and Fishery" magazine, Global digital fishery exhibition platform, Xinhua, People's Daily, Toutiao Today, Phoenix, NetEase News, Tencent, Sohu, Sina.com, New Express, etc.

6. Event topics

1. Development model and trend of circulating aquaculture

2, the application and development direction of factory circulating aquaculture