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Company introduction

Fujian Xinmao Fishery Development Co., Ltd. is located in Lianjiang County, Fuzhou City, China (Fujian). In May 2022, Lianjiang County was listed in the list of "Top 100 Counties of Investment Potential in China 2021", ranking 57th in China. Lianjiang County faces the Taiwan Strait to the east and Fuzhou, the provincial capital, to the west. The sea area of Lianjiang County is 3,112.02 square kilometers. It is the second largest county of aquatic products at the county level and the largest county of aquatic products in the province, with an annual fishery output value exceeding 22.64 billion yuan.

Founded in May 2020, the company is now an important enterprise in the development of fisheries in Fuzhou. It is a large wholly owned company integrating Marine aquaculture, aquatic trade, aquatic wholesale, retail, fishery industry service and Marine aquaculture technology of new science and technology as the core. We take it as our mission to make Fujian a strong Marine province and promote the transformation and upgrading of Marine fishery through scientific and technological innovation, and give full play to the advantages of enterprises to help the development and construction of "Fuzhou on the Sea" and "Fujian on the Sea".

Xinmao Fishery also possesses self-operated export, product wholesale, product retail, cooperative operation and other qualifications. It has passed ISO22000 food safety management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and other certifications. Xinmao takes technological research and development and innovation as the leading role, keeping up with market trends and market demands. To provide more consumers with high nutritional value, good taste, high quality wild deep-sea fishing products.

Deep sea wild large yellow croaker

Nutritional effect of Chinese man

As the first of the "four major Marine products" in China's offshore sea, the fish body is yellowish brown, the abdominal surface is golden yellow, the fins are yellow or gray yellow, delicious meat, rich in nutrition, the Ming Dynasty medical circle Li Shizhen in the famous "Programme of Materia Medica" notes, yellow fish sweet taste, warm, non-toxic, with brightening eyes, peace of mind, filling essence, open Lin, qi, stomach tonic effect.

Among them, Dinghai fishermen call the wild big cucumber fish "cucumber mother". Due to the rare quantity, the swim bladder of this fish (commonly known as "fish glue") is very precious, and is known as "precious as gold". Fish gum has the effect of nourishing liver and hip, hemostasis is very good, especially for pregnant women postpartum blood collapse and other diseases after eating, but also can strengthen the body, great vitality.

Alimentation analysis

Yellow croaker is rich in protein, trace elements and vitamins. It has a good tonic effect on the human body. For the weak and the middle-aged and the elderly, eating yellow croaker will receive a good therapeutic effect.

Yellow croaker is rich in trace element selenium, can remove free radicals produced by human metabolism, can delay aging, and has prevention and control effect on various cancers.

Nutritional value of Chinese man

Large yellow croaker contains very rich carbohydrates, fat, niacin, vitamin b2, vitamin b1, calcium iron, phosphorus.

In particular, the content of phosphorus and iodine is very high to supplement the body, which plays a very important role in the body of pregnant women and the development of the fetus, and postpartum women can also take it, which can effectively restore the weak postpartum body.

Product advantage

Different from the previous market of yellow croaker is mostly near shore cage culture, this kind of yellow croaker activity range is limited, prone to 'wrist swelling and obesity "phenomenon, quality is difficult to ensure, and yellow croaker as a sea fish, from the water is dead, if the weather is a little hot, pressure in the bilge is easy to corruption, The large yellow croaker in "Dinghai Bay", on the other hand, hunts in the blue sea and takes small, green and natural fish in the sea as the feed. Each fish is full in body and slender in eye. After being caught at sea on the same day, the fishery adopts the latest speed ice lock fresh method to ensure the delicious quality of the large yellow croaker.

Deep sea fish products supply chain

Xinmao Fishery is committed to delivering the delicious from the sea to thousands of households, making the freshest yellow croaker into many traditional delicious products. The products are traced to the source and strictly controlled, so that consumers can enjoy each dish with peace of mind.