Guangdong Aquatic prefabricated Vegetable Industry Conference 2024


2024 Guangdong Aquatic prefabricated Vegetable Industry Conference


一、Activity Background

This year, the central No. 1 document proposed to cultivate new rural industries and new formats, which required "to improve the standardization and standardization level of industries such as clean vegetables and central kitchens, and cultivate and develop the prepared vegetables industry", which is the first time that prepared vegetables have been written into the central No. 1 document. The rapid development of the prefabricated vegetable industry not only conforms to the changes on the demand side, meets the diversified needs of consumers for gourmet food, but also promotes the integrated development of the first, second and third industries in rural areas, becoming a new form of agricultural transformation and upgrading, and a new channel for farmers to increase income and get rich "one after another". It plays an important role in promoting the revitalization of rural industries and achieving common prosperity.

In the past three years, the scale of China's prefabricated vegetable market has grown steadily. Data show that in 2022, the scale of Guangdong's prefabricated vegetable market reached 54.5 billion yuan with a growth rate of 31.3%, far exceeding the 21.3% growth rate of the national prefabricated vegetable market in 2022. Cantonese prepared dishes are also actively deployed in overseas markets. In 2022, Guangdong Province exported 834,000 tons of prepared dishes, with an export value of 31.04 billion yuan, showing steady growth.

In the context of the fast track of prefabricated vegetables, in order to promote the high-quality development and modernization of the fishery and promote the development of the prefabricated aquatic vegetables industry, the "2024 Guangdong Prefabricated aquatic vegetables Industry Conference" will be held during the 10th Guangzhou International Fishery Fair from September 25 to 27, 2024. With the theme of "Focusing on the healthy development of prepared vegetables", the conference combined the aquatic products and prepared vegetables industry to help enterprises open up .

       Basic information of the activity

Date: September25-27 ,2024

Venue: Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall Scale: 150-200 people

四、 Organizational Structure

Guidance unit: Guangdong Agricultural Technology Extension Center, Guangzhou Agricultural and Rural Bureau

Organizers: Guangdong Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association, Guangzhou International Fishing Fair Organizing Committee

Co-organizers: Guangdong Fisheries Association, Guangdong Fisheries Society, Guangdong Eel Industry Association

Support unit: Sericulture and Agricultural Products Processing Institute, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangdong Joint Research Institute of Prefabricated Vegetable Industry, South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Food College of South China Agricultural University, Guangdong Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Alliance, Foshan Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Alliance, Guangzhou Nansha District Prefabricated Vegetable Import and Export Trade Association, Guangzhou Liwan District Aquaculture Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou Huang Sand aquatic products Market Co., LTD

五、Support Media

Professional media: China Fisheries Magazine, China Fishery News, China Fisheries Channel, Fishery Frontier, Marine and Fishery magazine, Seafood Guide, Eight Fresh Crossing the Sea, Teng Fisheries business network, frozen products strategy, red food network, catering industry, etc.

Mass media: Xinhuanet, People's Daily Online, Toutiao, Phoenix, netease News, Tencent, Sohu, Sina, Southern Rural Daily, New Express, Guangdong TV, etc.

六、Participate in the registration

This conference is a targeted invitation, and no participation fee is charged.




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