The 9th Guangzhou International Cold Chain Equipment & Fresh Distribution Exhibition


The 9th Guangzhou International Cold Chain Equipment & Fresh Distribution Exhibition


Concurrent WithThe 9th China InternationalGuangzhouFisheries & Seafood Expo Guangzhou Prepared Vegetable Industry Summit & Exhibition 2023


Date: September15-17日,2023

Venue: China Import & Export (Canton Fair) Complex ·Guangzhou



Guidanced By: 

Bureau of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Guangdong Agricultural Technology Extension Center

Guangzhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau


Hosted By:

Guangdong Refrigeration Industry Association


Special Co-organizer:

Guangdong Food Cold chain Logistics Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance



Guangzhou Boyi Global Exhibition Co., LTD

Guangzhou Grand Master Exhibition Co., LTD



The 9th Guangzhou International Cold Chain Equipment & Fresh Distribution Exhibition (abbreviated as: Guangzhou International Cold Chain Exhibition) will be held in China Import and ExportCanton Faircomplex·Guangzhou in September15-17 ,2023. Relying on China's vast market, rooted in the domestic important international trading city - Guangzhou, the exhibition is committed to building cold chain and distribution services, refrigeration equipment, cold storage, cold chain transportation equipment, and fresh e-commerce in one of the business platform, for the industry to bring equipment technology and fresh distribution level of comprehensive improvement, is to promote the market, leading the industry trade event.

Adhering to the purpose of "specialization, internationalization and marketization", the exhibition is committed to building a platform for international cold chain industry to display transactions, trade negotiations and information exchange. With its own location advantages and huge global customer resources, the exhibition has carried out a full range of marketing and publicity at home and abroad, and cooperated with a number of authoritative institutions to host forums to discuss hot topics in the cold chain industry, to help elites from all sides of the industry chain control the pulse of the industry and understand the latest cases and solutions.



Last scale of 20000 square meters, attracted 436 enterprises at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, attracting a total of 23561 people to visit and purchase, online flow of 5.86 million people (B end flow of 2.56 million people +C end flow of 3.3 million people), driving the industry turnover of 1.18 billion yuan, attracted hundreds of media people to report the exhibition. At the same time, the exhibition held the Pearl River Delta Cold Chain Logistics Development Forum, the First China Crispy Meat Tilapia Market Summit in 2021, a series of activities of seawater products into the inland, Guangdong Famous and excellent aquatic products culinary cooking and cooking Show Cloud live broadcast, 2021 Aquacat Yangcheng Talk, etc.


Range of Exhibition

Refrigerating and freezing equipment: commercial refrigerating and freezing display cabinet, commercial super refrigerating and freezing display cabinet, fresh self-extraction cabinet, quick-freezing equipment, etc.

Refrigerating and refrigerating transportation equipment technology: vehicle refrigerating unit, last kilometer distribution refrigerating truck, medical refrigerating box (pharmaceutical grade), refrigerating transportation box, incubator, refrigerating box, ice bag, etc.;

Fresh-keeping/insulation equipment: food fresh-keeping cabinet, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, meat fresh-keeping equipment, fresh fresh-keeping equipment, vacuum freeze-drying fresh-keeping technology equipment, etc.

Cold chain fresh packaging equipment: food packaging equipment, fruit and vegetable packaging equipment, aquatic packaging equipment and vacuum packaging equipment, etc.

Cold storage and supporting equipment technology: all kinds of assembled cold storage, air conditioning fresh-keeping storage, cold storage, cold room, cold storage board, cold storage door, cold storage unit and lighting technology of freezing facilities;

Refrigeration materials and accessories and logistics equipment: phase change cold storage materials, refrigerated containers, cold storage shelves, cold storage pallets, transportation equipment, electric forklifts, cranes, etc.

Cold chain and distribution services: cold chain packaging solutions, cold chain logistics services, logistics transportation equipment, refitted refrigerated vehicles, container refrigerated vehicles, insulation vehicles, etc.; 

Fresh E-commerce: platform e-commerce, direct e-commerce, fruit and vegetable e-commerce, meat products e-commerce, aquatic products e-commerce, comprehensive food e-commerce, imported food e-commerce, etc.;

Cold chain temperature control information technology: Internet of Things technology, temperature and humidity recorder, temperature label, positioning system, RFID and traceability system; Storage information management system cold chain information & detection, cold chain electronic label; Electronic temperature control, cold chain tracking and identification;


Concurrent Activities

2023 Guangdong Aquatic Prepared Vegetable Industry Conference

China-latin America Aquatic Products Trade Development Summit Forum

2023 Zhoushan Ocean Aquatic Products (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area) Promotion Conference

Global aquatic products cloud live streaming + gourmet cooking and cooking show cloud live streaming activities

Global Aquatic Product production and marketing docking Conference

Guangdong Famous, Special and Excellent Aquatic Products Docking Fair




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The minimum raw space is 36 square meters, excluding any facilities

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Audience Organization

Invite fresh product manufacturers, fresh e-commerce, catering and hotels, logistics service 

providers, cold chain logistics companies, logistics parks,cold storage engineering, food 

processing plants, chain restaurants, seafood processing plants, supply chains, meat, fruit and 

vegetable processing plants and agricultural products, as well as cold chain association cold 

chain association such as cold chain association buyers to participate in the docking activities.



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