Guangzhou Pre-made Food  Exhibition and Industrial Development Conference 2023


Guangzhou Pre-made Food  Exhibition 

and Industrial Development Conference 2023


Date: September15-17 ,2023

Venue: China Import & Export (Canton Fair) Complex ·Guangzhou

Concurrent With

The 9th China InternationalGuangzhouFisheries & Seafood Expo

The 9th Guangzhou International Cold Chain Equipment and Fresh DistributionExhibition



Guidanced By:

Bureau of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Guangdong Agricultural Technology Extension Center

Guangzhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau


Hosted By:

Guangdong Aquatic Products Marketing and Processing Alliance



Guangzhou Boyi Global Exhibition Co., Ltd

Global Digital Fishery Platform


Support Units :

The Guangdong Provincial Fishery Association

Guangdong Ocean Fishery Association

The Guangdong Provincial Eel Industry Association

Guangdong Provincial Fisheries Society

Sichuan Provincial Hotpot Association

Fujian Provincial Frozen Food Association

Guangxi Fishery Association

Maoming City tilapia Association

Zhuhai Municipal Agricultural Products Circulation Association

Supported media:

Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily Online,, Toutiao, China Net, Red Restaurant, China Aquatic Products, Marine and fishery magazine, Seafood Guide


Background of the event

According to the survey data, in 2022, 68.7% of Chinese consumers of prepared aquatic dishes increased their consumption frequency, 27.5% of them remained unchanged, and 3.8% of them decreased their consumption frequency. Consumers' demand for prepared aquatic dishes increased, which is good for the development of the industry. It is expected that the scale of aquatic prefabricated vegetable market will reach 257.6 billion yuan in 2026. As an industrial cluster of domestic prepared dishes, Guangdong has been developing systematically for three years, with the number of prepared dishes enterprises increasing from 5,369 in 2020 to nearly 7,000 at present. The C-end consumption of prepared dishes has shown a rapid growth trend in recent years. The well-known prepared dishes include eel, white prawn, white cannas sea bass, tilapia, fish balls, etc.

In order to better promote the development of aquatic prepared dishes and help enterprises expand sales channels, 2023 Guangzhou Prepared Dishes Industry Conference and Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou - China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall in September15-17日 ,2023.



Review of last exhibition

Last scale of 20000 square meters, attracted 436 enterprises at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, attracting a total of 23561 people to visit and purchase, online flow of 5.86 million people (B end flow of 2.56 million people +C end flow of 3.3 million people), driving the industry turnover of 1.18 billion yuan, attracted hundreds of media people to report the exhibition.


Exhibition Advantage

The huge consumer market, promote the development of aquatic products prepared vegetable market

Create an exhibition to meet the market and promote the tuyere

Hold relevant forums to focus on industry hotspots

Strong buyer database

Canton Fair pavilions have prominent location advantages


Concurrent Activities

2023 Guangdong Aquatic Prepared Vegetable Industry Conference

China-latin America Aquatic Products Trade Development Summit Forum

2023 Guangdong Grass Carp Industry High-quality Development Forum

2023 Zhoushan Ocean Aquatic Products (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area) Promotion Conference

Global aquatic products cloud live streaming + gourmet cooking and cooking show cloud live streaming activities

Global Aquatic Product production and marketing docking Conference

Guangdong Famous, Special and Excellent Aquatic Products Docking Fair



Invite competent government departments across the country (including the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) to organize local catering, aquatic products companies and relevant distribution agents to attend the meeting.

Invite large catering institutions, supermarkets and chain institutions, trading companies, hotels, distributors, etc., to visit and purchase.

Using the powerful buyer database of the Organizing committee, the wholesalers and dealers in the fields of aquatic products prefabrication, aquatic product suppliers, deep processing enterprises and so on visit;

Aquatic products prepared vegetables, aquatic products, frozen aquatic products and other industries to participate.


Range of Exhibits

Leading enterprises of prefabricated vegetables for catering and aquatic products;

Condiment enterprise;

Prefabricated vegetable dispensing enterprises, prefabricated vegetable processing equipment enterprises, etc.;

Aquatic products deep processing equipment, prefabricated vegetable packaging equipment, refrigeration and freezing equipment, cold chain logistics equipment enterprises, etc.;

Aquatic prepared vegetable product agents, e-commerce, new retail enterprises, chain enterprises, aquatic product deep processing project cooperation, etc.


Exhibition Fee (10% extra for double opening booth)



Luxury standard booth


Raw Space


The minimum raw space is 36 square meters, excluding any facilities




The Organizing Committee of Guangzhou Prepared Vegetable Industry Summit & Exhibition 2023

Guangzhou Boyi Global Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Add : Rm.3308-3309, Block E, Poly World Trade Center, No.1022 Xingang East Road, Haizhu Dist. Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.